Welcome to App Junkie

App Junkie A person who has been sucked into the consumerist network of the app store, and obsessively downloads. It’s fun, but you realize there’s no escape, soon after you’re sucked in. – Commander Clark on UrbanDictionary.com

That’s what this site is all about. We all have apps that we use daily, apps that are a guilty pleasure and apps that we have downloaded; never opened and still sit on our home screens or in a folder.

The aim of this site is to give you some insights into new and interesting apps as well as apps for getting things done, automating your daily life, having a quick 10min breather – well, you get the idea.

If you live by the motto; “There’s an app for that” – then this is the site for you.

We are also on Twitter, so please give us a follow.

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